Lily Lily routine maintenance and the ways to purchase

Lily is a symbol of love, repair off the actual lilies, how to choose this?

Lily Preservation techniques:1st, your tossed flowers, mesh, and also put the camp 3~5 centimeters cut-off water, horizontally leaf removing.

The second drug, in the event the plants wide open blossom and also leaf treatment, to ensure that absolutely no little

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Lily choosing the perfect:1st, your shift associated with classic chanel bag summer cheap chanel bag time of year on account of heat chanel chanel flap chanel sale bag bag and humidity climb quickly, Lily looks at the moment extended, Woodsy divisions expanding properly, need to Chanel Handbags look closely at when choosing part solidity;

2nd, large produce in summer season and fall months periods, comparatively low cost, large Chanel Handbag price tag before, as a result manufacturers can Lily into cold safe-keeping because the values are increased when, need to pay attention to when buying one of the most look at numerous foliage simply no yellowing and appearance under the cut branches are generally downsizing;

3 rd, winter seasons should notice if the spathe different, spathe Height dark-colored, wait-free, there may be frost as well as cool storage area of greenbacks expended.

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